Blogging For My Boys

Jeffrey and Jackson- One day you will be able to get on here, and read all about your mommy and daddy. I look forward to keeping this blog going for years, and I hope you find it joyous to read. I was gearing it towards you Jay, but Jax is here now so Im just going to write whatever I feel like writing about that day, whether its about me, your daddy, your sister, or one of you! I love you both with all my heart!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

15 Months Today!

Wow! Today my little man is 15 months! Holy crap! I can still remember when he was first born. I was so scared/nervous I was about to be a new mommy! Unfortunately I wasn't awake for any of it, but I think I kinda like it that way! I went to sleep then woke up and bam I had a baby!! lol But in all honesty this last 15 months has been a real eye opening expierence. I never realized how much I could love someone! Its def. been a rough 15 mths too though. Especially with me getting out of the Army, Mr. Prege deploying. I have to say though everynight when I put him to bed, I cant wait till Jay wakes up to play the next morning. Sometimes he is a handful and is def. irritating lol. He loves to be the center of attention and is ALWAYS hungry, but thats Jay. I even find myself making his cute little faces just because (esp. the one below). Last night though I think he knew today he would be 15 mths he must have wanted to stay up and party, because he didn't sleep a wink! Maybe 2 hours...and today no sleep at all. I just actually layed him down but still hear him screaming. As you know I can't listen to him cry so therefore I have to go get him. But I love you Baby Jay! More than you can ever imagine. You will see one day though!! <3>

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From The Beginning

Mr. Prege and I met in the Army in the beginning of 07'. Quite funny story actually so I will go ahead and tell :) I was new in the Army and big trucks have always been a thing of mine lol. Well I had become aquaintances with a certain girl and little did I know they had been "hanging out" with eachother. Nothing serious basically friends but I had seen this truck around and around. One day she asked me to go to lunch with her and some friends and ahhhh it was the big truck guy who was giving us a ride! (secretly I was oober excited) Basically a few weeks later our friend was leaving to go to another post. So I thought he is definately available now!! One day after work I was heading somewhere cant exactly remember now but I seen his truck at the gas station, perfect opportunity!! I pulled up to the gas pump like I needed gas. (really I didn't) and I later found out he was about to leave but seen a "hot girl in a Mustang" pull up ( he didn't know what kind of car I drove) so he asked his friend if he needed anything to drink, to secretly bump into me. I walk into the store and he went the opposite way just to find ourselves bumping into eachother. Exact words "oh its you" Mr. Prege says. I smiled and walked away. Not even 5 days later a myspace message, from who? MR. PREGE! Talking back and forth a little bit I learned some things I absolutely loved, he is so funny, has tatoos, big truck, a *motorcycle*, likes to ride 4-wheelers, camping everything was so perfect!! Everyday for the next 2 weeks he asked me to lunch or dinner and I always just blew him off, I suppose playing hard to get. Well one weekend I guess I ran out of mula, perfect timing Mr. Prege called and asked if I would like to go to dinner. Well Yes! I would hehehe. We went to the China King Buffet still remember to this day exactly where we sat our entire conversation and him even tricking me into taking a forkful of Wasabi (yuck!) even remember him telling me his taste of music on the way home, I believe a foreiner song came on and I just looked like...are you serious?! hehe but from then on we were inseperable! Every minute of every day we could spend together we would! About a month after we started dating he had to go to the field JRTC, its a field training excercise in Ft. Polk, LA the soldiers go to before deploying they were attached to another Brigade that was getting ready to deploy at the time. It was such a fun month. I waited for his calls or his texts. I couldn't get my mind off of this guy! He was so amazing! Finally he came home and everything was perfect it wasnt to much longer after that I believe we learned he had a daughter. She is the most precious little girl ever! I have to admit I was 18 and a little weary of it. But by this time I had grown to love this man and I was able to accept the fact he had a daughter. I remember him always asking me to come with him to see her and meet her I was a bit nervous.
It just seems so fast how everything happened, we met in Feb-March of 07' he left for the month of April came home in May got in touch with his daughter and by June he was buying a home. Asking me if I wanted to move in!! OMG!! Of course I wanted to, I just didnt want him to know that :) Butttt I moved in anyways it was perfect, and we were honestly so very, very happy! I remember June 15th going to meet my Aunt whom by the way was the very first person to meet my future husband. She said she knew from the first time she saw us together he was the man for me! We had talked a little bit about getting married, having children, everything that I have ever dreamed of. Coming home from that trip we went to a friends house. I remember writing little notes back and forth (which we still have today) about us wanting a baby, and making our family complete. Well the end of June rolled around and there was much more talk about marriage, and babies. We went to the mall one evening and the first store we walked into...KAY JEWELERS!! omg!! He told me to pick out a ring wow this was hard. I finally found one that I loved and it fit perfectly(coincedence? I think not) but as the seller was cleaning it up she told me a diamond was loose and I couldnt get it for atleast 2 weeks!! Bummer! Thats ok though I can wait! So I leave and Mr. Prege is filling out paperwork as it starts to rain I decide I will be sweet and pick him up at the front of the mall. We drive home and cook dinner...and I started dosing off...But you know when you get that feeling someone is watching you? Yeah well I had it, I opened my eyes and there it was my ring!! Just then Mr. Prege popped the big question as my eyes just rolled the tears on out! Why did he even ask? OBVIOUSLY I was going to say yes! Just so happens he told the store clerk to say that he actually had bought the ring put it in his left arm coat and was going to walk out but when it started raining and I drove up to pick him up at the door he had to switch arms!! lol he almost got caught! Its crazy that my parents were coming up that weekend because him &I talked and decided since were so happy, we want a family, and deployment is just around the corner lets go ahead and do it. That Friday my parents arrived in town, my mother knew what we had planned but I had to break the news to my father that the very next day Jeff and I wanted to get married!!! It all went well actually and my dad could see from the moment he met him,he had my best interest in mind. He was looking out for me. So we got married July 1st 2007. Best day of my life! It was a very small wedding and only a few friends and family were there only because we decided to have a big ceremony once the deployment was over! So we went on with our every day lives still planning on that baby, working, getting closer and closer to deployment. Just all bout having a good ole time without a care in the world. Except for the nearing deployment. I had started feeling a little down and sick, just not as up to speed as I normally am. Didn't think much of it. By now its time for Mr. Prege to go to his JRTC in Ft. Polk so to pass time by I would go over to the Kirks house and hang out. I was very lonely and it was so good to have such great friend there for me so often. Mrs. Kirk tells me she thinks I may be pregnant, I haven't missed any periods I told her Im just probably sick. She convinces me that I need to go to the Dollar and buy a pregnancy test. I saw no need in it all I. I knew I just wasn't pregnant already. This is October and we hadn't really tried to have a baby since after we got married, but I decided to go and eve made her buy the test. I get back go to the bathroom and take the test. All of a sudden my phone rings its Mr. Prege calling from the field just he says I just woke up from having this wierd dream you took a pregnancy test and it was positive!! Just then I looked down and started bawling!! I WAS! It was positive, holy shishkabobs! I was so happy and it was perfect timing if you ask me! He got home and we were both very happy about this although Mr. Prege said he didn't want it if it weren't a baby boy! Just his luck though we went for the ultrasound and wouldnt ya know he got what he wished for! We were having a sweet baby boy!We were so happy. Boy was that a long pregnancy! I remember feeling so fat and ugly!! One day we were supposed to go out with some old friend of ours, and I didnt find anything that fit right and it was just horrible! I started crying and shut myself in the closet, next thing I know here come Mr. Prege sitting down and just holding me while I cried! So on and on our story goes until I am about to pop!! It was March 10th at 12:30 pm I felt like I was having major contractions, so I went to the hospital. Mr. Prege was at work so a friend took me and the people at the hospital forgot to update my due date in my paperwork, so before they figured that out they were saying oh your ready just go walk around for a few hours come back and we will start! Yay I thought then here came the news because they hadn't updated my paperwork the Dr's couldn't deliver me that day! Her specific words were come in at 12:01 a.m and you can have this baby!! WHAT?! She then followed by saying but sense your not far enough were going to give you a shot to stop your contractions. I just knew this wouldnt work and my baby would be coming anyways. So they gave me the shot. I still told my family to head this way. The arrived a little earlier than midnight and my contractions were getting worse then at 1:45 my water broke! We arrive at the hospital in full labor to find out the baby had flipped and is now breach (most likely because of this shot) they had to do an emergency c-sec!! I was worried but the Dr's told Mr. Prege he could be in there because the wouldn't have to put me fully under. Wrong! They had waited to long to give me any medicine and I could feel my baby coming out, gross I know sorry! So right then and there they put me under and didn't even tell Mr. Prege he couldn't be there. Once he was born at 4:08 a.m on March 11th 2008 they took him right away because they indeed thought he was premature because of this whole due date mix up! As you can see I think we can agree he was no premature baby, weighing in at 8 pounds 15 ounces!! He was a big boy and looked just like his daddy!! We named him after his daddy! We call him Jay! Such a happy time in our lives married, with a daughter, a new born baby boy, but at the same time 2 weeks later I had to deal with the absolute hardest day of my life. Watching my husband, my best friend, the father of my son leave for a 15 month deployment to Afghanistan. I felt lonely, sad, hurt! Here I was a new mom with a 2 week old baby boy and the most important man in our life just had to leave. It was his job all that he has trained for. I was an emotional rollercoaster after the next several months. And couldnt even imagine what to do. I was so lost. This person who I had grown so close to for so long with our perfect relationship and honestly hardly even a flaw in it was gone. The hardest part of him leaving was just thinking if I would ever see him again. Would our son grow up to know his daddy. Would our daughter remember what she knew of him. What would I tell them if something happened. I remember just praying and praying that he would come home safely. I honestly think Jay was a gift from God. He kept me strong and for the most part on the right path. He made me happy and remember why to put a smile on each and every day! He was my new man of the house. The house that felt awfully lonely. I remember I didn't even sleep in our bed for the first atleast 8 months of the deployment. Him leaving wasn't the only hard part. Having computer or phone conversations was the next part. We could only imagine the tone on the computer and when we talked it was very hard to be happy. It seemed we were always arguing and having disagreements about things that wouldn't even matter if he were home. Its so hard to fix things when they are thousands of miles away. I honestly have to admit being married so quick, having a family, a deployment all wa catching up to me. Mr. Prege and I decided it would be best for me to be with my family in FL. So I got discharged from the military and moved home while he was gone. This was amazing at first I had so many people who were the for me being my "friend" helping me out. I didn't realize these people were jealous of what I had and just wanted to bring me down. Buttt we got through it and Sept. rolled around. This is when Mr. Prege could come home for his mid-tour leave!! I was so excited/nervous I didn't know what to expect. My father, Jay and I all drove to Orlando to pick him up from the plane I remember a mother of a Soldier asking if my husband was coming home and I couldn't even say yes my teeth were chattering I was shaking and all I could do while waiting for him to get off that plane was shake my head yes. Then there he was the man of my dreams walking straight towards me and I couldn't hold it back! He was safely here in my arms it all felt so right!! Finally he was home! I couldn't help to think though that only in a short 19 days would he be leaving again. We definately had alot of fun while he was home made a trip to TN, to see Matti. Went to Clearwater which was absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed this time with him and we rekindled alot of things that had been bothering us! We made up for alot of missed time like our 1st Christmas together, 1st Mother ad Fathers Day, 1st Wedding Anniversary. Sept 19th he had to leave again though. I honestly think that the second time was alot harder than the first. I could only begin to imagine what Mr. Prege felt like! In November I felt as if it were time for me to move home and start getting ready for Mr. Preges rearrival to the states which was supposed to be sometime in Feb-March time frae. That was a long few months. But something had happened to Mr. Prege and I got a phone call on the 26th of Jan. that Mr. Prege would be leaving Afghanistan on the 28th to head home! No way I was so happy finally this nightmare is over I thought! I couldnt wait to see him, hold him you know! When that day came I honestly believe it was the best day ever, but even then I hadn't realized what was awaiting ahead for me. You dont realize how mch you get used to everything on your own. Doing everything for yourself then bam all at once you have your husband back that has been gone just shy of a year. It was very difficult learning eachother over again. And yes we had to re-learn eachother because we had both changed very much. Like if Mr. Prege said turn left even though turning right would take you to the same place you just better turn left :) Or that I like the dishes done as soon as they get dirty (not so muc anymore) it was just very difficult to get used to actually having him around again. Which I would not change for anything. I'd have to say that I thank God for my family especially mom and dad, and for my very very very good friend Mrs. Ski without them I dont know what I would have done! So we will just say for the past few months Mr. Prege and I have had our rough times but its getting better as we get more and more used to having eachother around. Although here lately due to the Army which I just absolutely love ..NOT.. I have been seeing less of him than usual. He has a worksite during the day and school at night. Thats just obsurd to me. But thats the Army. RIDICULOUS :) anywho here recently we have been planning our big ceremony in Fl!!!! Which I am pleased to announce will be amazing! Its been hectic though and very nerve racking but I think its all finally coming together! I start school on the 15th as well on-line classes though as I have a full-time responsibility of our kids. Which I am also so pleased to say that as of June 23rd Jeff and I will get custodial rights of Matti. Love her to death. Welp I guess that about sums it all up for now! I'll add more and more as we continue our journey of the Prege family.. Oh how could I forget we got a puppy when we first got together. Funny story too Mr. Prege had initially wanted to name our son Gunner... cute but no, so I decided to let him name our Dog Gunner. He is a full black lab and has become part of our family. We love him...even when he runs away for 9 hours at night....orrrr when he eats all the hamburgers and hot dogs before we even get a chance to eat...orrrr when his breath stinks worse than Mr. Preges burps from the butt =] Heres a pic of our dog Gunner!! And yes we even love him when he tears up all of our basketballs, soccerballs, softballs, etc.