Blogging For My Boys

Jeffrey and Jackson- One day you will be able to get on here, and read all about your mommy and daddy. I look forward to keeping this blog going for years, and I hope you find it joyous to read. I was gearing it towards you Jay, but Jax is here now so Im just going to write whatever I feel like writing about that day, whether its about me, your daddy, your sister, or one of you! I love you both with all my heart!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kortnie Leeann

Recently I believe I am learning alot about myself. When I was younger, I always knew I would have my perfect little family, and that I would do and give to them until I could no more. I never imagined I would be tried and tested to my limits in certain situations. I am so thankful I have the amazing husband and family that I do that keep things together and going smoothly. I may be young but I am very smart, and have been through more than people 10 years older than me. Im a full time mom, full time student, and a full time worker. I can provide for my family, and have provided for them since we have been a family. I've always kept a smile on my face regardless of the negative influences that have tried to rip it down. I look around me and see people with children whom they don't care for, families that take handouts as if they were candy, and take advantage of people everyday. I don't understand how and why people do this kind of thing. Its really troubling to know. Im proud of myself for the woman I have grown up to be, and the amazing mother that I am. I can look back on everything that I have done and smile, because I know I have given my all to my family, and done everything for them that was possible. I know that I have amazing kids because of my husband and I. I know that because of this their future is promising, unlike many kids these days. Everything that God has thrown at me, I have taken it and made something of it. I have not let the LITTLE things that have come along get to me, and for this I can smile and move on! Thank you to my amazing husband for being just that amazing in every aspect. Thank you to my kids, for a constant smile and proof of success. Thank you to my extended family for the constant positive words you give.Thank you to my awesome friends for enjoying the ride with me :) I love my life, and my perfect family!! LETS DO THIS!

Fall 2010

Fall time has got to be one of my favorites times of year. I love all the festivities for families, the colors of the leaves changing, and the weather. This year we have done alot with you Jay, and your brother and sister, from pumpkin patches to parks to family days on post. Although we have had alot going on we have been making the best of it for you. You love being able to hang out and play with N & C on the weekends too!I sure hope when your brother gets a bit older you play and share with him as well as you do with your friends now! Your most favorite thing this year was the petting zoo :) You had a blast, and the animal noises that you make are so adorably cute. Even the teachers at school, think your the most cutest kid ever! Good thing Jax looks like you haha. We also carved pumpkins with you this year, and my oh my was that fun! You had a ball doing it, although I think you were trying to sabotage my pumpkin carving :) Luckily though I got you your own pumpkin to play with! We are looking forward to Halloween with you, your going to be Spiderman, and your brother will be a bat :) Last year you weren't able to walk yet, so I felt a little bit wierd taking you door to door, I know you will have alot of fun this year! Im so proud of you Jay, of the person you are becoming. You have such a big heart and you are so smart. You love singing your ABC's, and at your check up last week your Dr. was very amazed that you can count in spanish and english, and that you know some Chinese! I know you will always make me proud! :)- Jackson is about a month old now. Boy he is getting bigger, and eating so much!!! He is such a gassy little baby! :) I think he gets that from Mr. Prege. Thats all for now I will return around Halloween to tell you about the boys' trick or treating and Jax's very first Halloween experience! -Mama Prege!

Baby Jackson Has Arrived.

Welcoming the newest member of the Prege family Jackson O Pregent, weighing in at 6.85 and 19.5 inches long!! Baby Jax was 3 weeks early, but you couldn't tell now, and thank goodness b/c that made it possible for mommy to get into her pre-prego clothes in just 2 weeks :)!! What a day Sept. 17th was, Mr. Prege and daddy went on a trip out of town on Friday morning and weren't expected home until late Sunday, well at about 4:00 their was a minor change in plans mommy was going to deliver early due to raised protein levels. Mr. Prege was a while away and I was just hoping that they would make it in time and they did! Mommy was very nervous about being awake during your delivery, and also afraid of complications that may occur due to you being born early, but you were healthy and so handsome, you looked just like your big brother Jay! He loved you from the very first time he met you. When the nurses would come in to check on you he would stop them with his hand up and say "NO! MY BABY JAX" Mommy named you after a very close friend of ours David Ough. Dave O was here not to long before you were born, he has been a family friend for years and right after they returned to FL after visiting Dave O was found in his truck not concious, right then during my pregnancy I knew that you would be named after him. Your a month old now and spending all my time with you is amazing, your such a good baby and you have so many people that love you! Your my baby boy, and I promise to always give you and treat you amazing!!