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Jeffrey and Jackson- One day you will be able to get on here, and read all about your mommy and daddy. I look forward to keeping this blog going for years, and I hope you find it joyous to read. I was gearing it towards you Jay, but Jax is here now so Im just going to write whatever I feel like writing about that day, whether its about me, your daddy, your sister, or one of you! I love you both with all my heart!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Jackson Has Arrived.

Welcoming the newest member of the Prege family Jackson O Pregent, weighing in at 6.85 and 19.5 inches long!! Baby Jax was 3 weeks early, but you couldn't tell now, and thank goodness b/c that made it possible for mommy to get into her pre-prego clothes in just 2 weeks :)!! What a day Sept. 17th was, Mr. Prege and daddy went on a trip out of town on Friday morning and weren't expected home until late Sunday, well at about 4:00 their was a minor change in plans mommy was going to deliver early due to raised protein levels. Mr. Prege was a while away and I was just hoping that they would make it in time and they did! Mommy was very nervous about being awake during your delivery, and also afraid of complications that may occur due to you being born early, but you were healthy and so handsome, you looked just like your big brother Jay! He loved you from the very first time he met you. When the nurses would come in to check on you he would stop them with his hand up and say "NO! MY BABY JAX" Mommy named you after a very close friend of ours David Ough. Dave O was here not to long before you were born, he has been a family friend for years and right after they returned to FL after visiting Dave O was found in his truck not concious, right then during my pregnancy I knew that you would be named after him. Your a month old now and spending all my time with you is amazing, your such a good baby and you have so many people that love you! Your my baby boy, and I promise to always give you and treat you amazing!!

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