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Jeffrey and Jackson- One day you will be able to get on here, and read all about your mommy and daddy. I look forward to keeping this blog going for years, and I hope you find it joyous to read. I was gearing it towards you Jay, but Jax is here now so Im just going to write whatever I feel like writing about that day, whether its about me, your daddy, your sister, or one of you! I love you both with all my heart!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kortnie Leeann

Recently I believe I am learning alot about myself. When I was younger, I always knew I would have my perfect little family, and that I would do and give to them until I could no more. I never imagined I would be tried and tested to my limits in certain situations. I am so thankful I have the amazing husband and family that I do that keep things together and going smoothly. I may be young but I am very smart, and have been through more than people 10 years older than me. Im a full time mom, full time student, and a full time worker. I can provide for my family, and have provided for them since we have been a family. I've always kept a smile on my face regardless of the negative influences that have tried to rip it down. I look around me and see people with children whom they don't care for, families that take handouts as if they were candy, and take advantage of people everyday. I don't understand how and why people do this kind of thing. Its really troubling to know. Im proud of myself for the woman I have grown up to be, and the amazing mother that I am. I can look back on everything that I have done and smile, because I know I have given my all to my family, and done everything for them that was possible. I know that I have amazing kids because of my husband and I. I know that because of this their future is promising, unlike many kids these days. Everything that God has thrown at me, I have taken it and made something of it. I have not let the LITTLE things that have come along get to me, and for this I can smile and move on! Thank you to my amazing husband for being just that amazing in every aspect. Thank you to my kids, for a constant smile and proof of success. Thank you to my extended family for the constant positive words you give.Thank you to my awesome friends for enjoying the ride with me :) I love my life, and my perfect family!! LETS DO THIS!

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  1. You are an amazing woman, wife, and mother Kort! I love you like a sister and I am so grateful for our friendship, you and your family mean the world to me!

    I've often told people how I forget how young you are because you are more mature than almost everyone I know who's your age and a lot of those who are much older. You are smart, strong and beautiful and don't ever listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. You are AWESOME!